The World Unite for Ukraine event was conceived by Victoria Yampolsky and is led by Victoria Yampolsky and Svetlana Zelenskiy. This project could not have happened without a team of enthusiastic volunteers from around the world.


Victoria Yampolsky: Chief Executive Officer
Svetlana Zelenskiy: Chief Global Strategist
Leah Nurik: Chief Marketing Officer
Olga Egorov: Chief Operating Officer

Marketing & Communications
Melinda Adamec: Marketing and Brand
Amy Wick: Corporate Sponsorships
Jodie Booras: Public Relations
Michael Tebo: Public Relations
Audrey Surrette: Public Relations
Karley Biscoe: Public Relations
Jessica DelVirginia: Public Relations
Boris Kievsky: Marketing
Ekaterina Krechetova: Marketing
Inna Svirskiy: Marketing
Matthew Trant: Social Media
Natalia Smirnova: Photography and Visuals

Website design & development, Graphic design
Iulian Milcomete: Website Design & Development
Lyudmila Krushchuk: Graphic Design

Diana Stelin: Fashion Designer

Research and Outreach & Operations
Luba Sakharuk: Volunteer Coordinator, Research & Outreach
Alexandra Zinkevich: Volunteer Coordinator, Research & Outreach
Olga Egorova: Government Outreach, Research & Outreach
Priya Chiro: Research & Outreach
Anya Dizhoor: Research & Outreach
Irina Moshkovich: Research & Outreach
Jon Queen: Research & Outreach
Katya Sverdlov: Research & Outreach
Polina Guth: IT Support, Research & Outreach

Legal counsel
Joe Wetzel, Latham & Watkins
Olga Vorobyeva, Davis Wright Tremaine
Irina Tarsis, Center for Art Law
Ekaterina Mouratova, The Law Firm of Ekaterina Mouratova

Joana Maria: Portuguese
Doly Mallet: Spanish
Clara Luthi: Spanish
Sarah Popivker: Italian
Olga Rakhovskaya: Italian
Olga Egorova: Ukrainian
Thomas Kruessmann: German
Leonid Kharlamov: French
Anna Yampolsky: Russian