A virtual streaming 90+ minute event featuring top international artists, performers, actors, athletes and celebrities from Europe, Israel, the U.S., Canada and Ukraine to benefit the US-Ukraine Foundation


World Unite for Ukraine is a movement aimed at uniting millions of people around the world in a common goal to help ease the suffering of the Ukrainian people by raising funds for the US-Ukraine Foundation (USUF).

On July 14, 2022, a global community of top international artists, civil activists, thought leaders, actors, athletes and volunteers from the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Israel and all of Europe will come together to support Ukraine during this global 90+-minute event.

The event will be streamed around the world on Mandolin, on July 14th, as well as on-demand for 7 days after the initial broadcast.

With a $10M+ goal, funds raised before, during and after the stream will be deployed through US-Ukraine Foundation. The funds will be directed to ease the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian military invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Viewers will donate what they are able and gain access to the stream.


Thursday, July 14th
8 pm Eastern Daylight Time
Replay available for 7 days after the event


We are incredibly overwhelmed and grateful to the global artist, entertainment and sports community for their enthusiasm and support. Every day, more and more performers, actors and athletes are coming on board. We try to update this list on a daily basis as it is constantly evolving. Check back for an updated list and follow us on social media.

More participants join our movement every day.



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“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
— Elie Wiesel

What is happening today in Ukraine invokes images and atrocities caused by the quest for power that has repeated itself over the course of human history. We believe the world needs to unite and stand up to the injustice, pain and suffering to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine now. We can not stand by and watch while people are murdered and their natural rights to freedom are stripped from them.

The Ukrainian cause is universal, but to many of us, it is also personal. Some of us come from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and Romania. Others from the U.S, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

Many of our grandparents fought for freedom in World War II and suffered in the Holocaust. Several of our families fled the Soviet Union in search of freedom, leaving friends and loved ones behind. Today, we are heartbroken as we watch loved ones and millions of innocent Ukrainians being attacked, displaced and murdered because they, too, want to live in a free and democratic society.

The world is full of differences deserving to be celebrated. Some of us are Jewish, others are atheist, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh. Birthplace, race and religion are irrelevant in the fight for peace and human dignity.

We Refuse to Feel Powerless, Sad and Angry Over What Is Happening in Ukraine. That Is Why We Decided to Come Together and Do Something in Our Power Now.

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The World Unite for Ukraine event was conceived by Victoria Yampolsky and is led by Victoria Yampolsky and Svetlana Zelenskiy. This project could not have happened without a team of enthusiastic volunteers from around the world.


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